A red junglefowl roams India's Kanha Tiger Reserve. Domesticated chickens evolved from this species about 8,000 years ago. PHOTO: Roy Toft, Nat Geo Image Collection

Chickens Prefer Attractive People

The barnyard bird is a lot smarter than you think.

Chickens can recognize and discern people based on their faces. And they apparently like beautiful humans. A 2002 paper found that chickens have the same preference for certain human faces as do humans, «keying in on things like symmetry» in features—one of the subconscious measures of attractiveness, Blatchford says.

In the study, the scientists trained four hens to react to photographs of an average female face but not an average male face, and vice versa for two cocks. The chickens pecked more at screens showing symmetrical faces—revealing the same preferences as the 14 people who had done the same experiment.

Kilde: NationalGeographic